Alain Hubert: Polar Explorer, Guide & Entrepreneur

As someone who is passionate about the Polar Regions and polar expeditions, I've witnessed firsthand how climate change is affecting these delicate regions of the planet. Each time I return things have changed.

I founded the International Polar Foundation in 2002 to inform and educate people about polar science and to popularise the research that's being undertaken there. A well-informed public can take more informed decisions. Solutions to create a more sustainable society exist. Now, it is timeto understand what is at stake and act.

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Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, the Zero Emission research station

News coming from the cold

Posted on the 26.01.2014 by Jérôme Coupé

The discussions with our federal governent and the preparation of the BELARE season at Utsteinen have kept me quite busy for the last few months. I have had little time to post news on my personal site, but here are some fresh news from Antarctica.