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Posted on the 29.04.2013 by Jérôme Coupé

Nearly two months have passed since the IPF team has come back from Utsteinen. Our most important target for the present time : to find new partners to help IPF to pursue its mission of information and education in climate changes.

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After having worked quite hard four months at Utsteinen, we have thus closed the station early March, leaving the premises alone for the next eight months. An IPF team and other scientists should return to PEA around beginning of November. For more information about the previous antarctic season, please go to the PEA website

Is there a drastic change with what happened last spring (2012) when we closed the PEA that year ? Not many in fact. This spring we have installed few new cameras in order to have a better controle on what's happening inside the building during this monster antarctic winter. 

Also images and scientific information on meteorolgical conditions will soon be published on a regular weekly basis on the site of the station. One can maybe remind here that the Zero Emission PEA is functionning automatically during the winter months, thanks to the installation of a SES ASTRA satellite which allows us to have the total control of the general computer runing the installations of the entire station.

Trynig to find new partners is not the only task we concentrate on during the months we are not working in the Antarctic. In fact we have to keep all of us informed about all what concerns the causes of the Climate Change. Otherwise we will never be able to anticipate the problems which threaten our societies if we do not change. That's one of the lessons we have learned while building the Zero Emission station and working in it.

Besides, we are already busy preparing the next antarctic season and working on the Polaris Project (a big museum on the polar world) which should be build on the well known Water Front, a busy neighbourhood of Cape Town.

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More and more scientists come every year to PEA to study the antarctic world

More and more scientists come every year to PEA to study the antarctic world