Action 12 12 for Syria : big success

Posted on the 29.04.2013 by Alain Hubert

In its 29 years existence, the consortium known as "Consortium 12-12" has helped people all over the world -famine in Ethiopia in 1984, floods in Mozambique in 2000, the Asian tsunami in 2004, etc. Last Friday (the Consortium's 17th campaign), it was the day of the tea, a symbolic gesture to help the people from Syria.

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No one rejects that over the past two years, thousands of people have been killed as a result of fighting between Syrian government forces and the insurgency groups. Tens of thousands more have been made homeless as a result of the fighting. Refugees have flooded in to neighbouring countries such as Lebanon and Turkey. 

Last Friday (the 26 April), everyone was invited to drink a cup of tea (black tea as the drink in Syria), a symbolic gesture, to express their support towards the children and the people of Syria.

Unicef Belgium is part of the Consortium with Caritas International, Handicap International, Médecins du Monde and Oxfam-Solidarité.

When international press ogether with some politicians begin to speak about the use of nuclear weapons by the Syrian government against the revolution, it's maybe the best time to think of helping the poor people of Syria. 

Erik Todts, president of the consortium 12-12, said the other day : "Of course we can not stop the war but we surely can save more and more lives."

A first rough estimation of the amount donated for this 17th campaign : 550.000 euros.

Besides, more than 70 private civilian actions for the sake of Syria, organized only in Belgium, have been listed. United Nations estimate that 6,8 millions people, amongst whom 3 millions children, are affected by the war.

Make a donation - follow the link (in the town of Homs only, 210 000 childrend need an urgent humanitarian help - see the Unicef page in French about this subject).

Since the war begun two years ago, the situation in Syria is more than critical

Since the war begun two years ago, the situation in Syria is more than critical