Throughout my career as a polar explorer, I've been lucky enough to be able to see beautiful landscapes, meet incredible people and live extraordinary adventures.

I've tried to capture these moments on film (in some cases I've been accompanied by a professional photographer) and I'd like to share some of these with you. Enjoy!

  • The morning after their arrival the all meteorite team had to leave...with the traditional group photo.

    The BELARE 2012-13 season is coming to an end…

    36 pictures posted on the 18.02.2013

    Here are 36 pictures out of a lot of 106 sent by Alain Hubert two weeks before the preparation of the overwintering PEA and the great departure for home.

  • It is always an emotional moment when a plane takes off and let us alone in the middle of nowhere.

    Little by little PEA becomes a model station

    36 pictures posted on the 26.01.2013

    In less than a fortnight, belgian antarctic station PEA has become famous all over the world. Thanks of course to the new Emperors rockery founded by IPF staff a month ago. But thanks also to the tremendous work we are doing here and the warmest welcome the international researchers receive when they come here to make their survey.

  • Unloading of the 16 tons bulldozer on the sea ice

    Unloading the Mary Arctica

    36 pictures posted on the 16.01.2013

    After having been stuck in the ice for more than a week along the Norwegian disembarked platform, the Mary Arctica finally made it safely to Crown Bay. She brought amongst other a brand new bulldozer.

  • First sight of men for 10 000 penguins

    24 pictures posted on the 10.01.2013

    The location of several populations of Emperor Penguins in the vincinity of Crown Bay had been published already through satellite imagery in 2009. But so far not yet discovered on the field. This time, two members of IPF team (Kristof Soete and Raphael Rcihard) and my self could confirmed -de visu- the rockery's existence in early December 2012. What a thrill ...

  • It's 8 pm at PEA.

    On the ice and in the air…

    30 pictures posted on the 03.03.2012

    Here are some of the last shots we have taken my team mates and my self during either the reconnaissance or study trips on the field either during our work in or near the PEA. You'll discover also some outstanding shots I have taken while I was up in the air with the reconnaissance ULM of PEA.

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